Date: 20/9/16

In this lesson we looked at what we could do in the future and how we cold prepare for it. the website “creativeskillset” is a very good website for finding jobs within different industries. In the lesson we talked about what type of work situations would suit us best for example if we would like to work for a company or go freelance.  I discussed that the work I would be doing would most likely push me towards the freelance route.

After talking about what type of job we would be going for wether it was freelance or with a company we then discussed if we would be willing to travel for are particular role. If i become a freelancer I will travel to meet clients as I belive meeting in person makes it easier to understand what the client wants other then just sending an email. Not only does meeting them create an easier path to what the client needs but you can also get an idea who you will be working for this can include personality, the urgency of the project an also how they behave.


I believe this module will help me when i leave university to go seek work. not only will this module help me understand the social need that allows a person to contact and connect to a client, but also how to deal with their demands.