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October 2016

Ideas for environment

Date: 27/10/16

When creating my landscape, I need to think about the history of the zodiac and what crimes he committed this will give me a summary of what type of person he was. After learning about his personality I will then go on to applying this into the environment in, which the player will be playing in. At this current time, I am creating a concept design that I may incorporate within my game this depends on feedback I obtain when asking members of the gaming community what they would prefer. would they like to play a game that is outdoors and partly indoors? or would it be more playable and interesting if the game featured the player being inside? these are questions I must find the answer to before creating the final models and functionality of the game.



Sound Production (Where does sound come from?)

Date: 11/10/16

Where are my sounds coming from?

Thinking of projects and imagining sounds that would work well with your project this is positive and negative due to multiple events happening thorough the day meaning that some sounds that where imagined in the passed could potentially be forgotten. When discovering a sound or imaging one, make it a reality my recording or creating a sound using logic.

Focusing on sound?

Love your narrative and be interested in it to be able to put 100% effort into your creation. Create something you can immerse yourself into so that others may obtain the same experience.

The process of narrative and sound immersion. 

Process narrative sound listen more and focus on what sound needs to be created for example Budas meditate and focus there mind so convert that into creating sounds for interactive narrative.

  1. The first script reading.
  2. What to listen for.
  3. Grouping the voices.
  4. The sound map (draft 1)
  5. The sound map (Final Draft)


(Think of location and what noises would be very common to hear within the specific location.)

  1. The first script reading: immerse yourself in the written description of the scenes and let your inner ear come alive
  2. What to listen for: objects, action, environments, emotions and transitions
  3. Grouping voices: Find the polarities between the different types of voices there are and develop a balance
  4. The sound map (Draft 1): separate the script into sequences and the list the sounds in categories of concrete sounds(Diegetic sound), musical sounds (concrete sound used within a different context meaning that it is not a concrete sound and thus makes it a musical sound/ can also be concrete sound but if edited for example slowed down or speeded up also if used to highlight scene will also mean that it is a musical sound), sound track and voice.
  5. The sound map (Final Draft): The final list of sounds after a process of selection and elimination and what feels sonically right for the sound editor


First script 

The written script should be the first listening and also be where you imagine the sounds that suit the narrative.

What to listen for

  1. Sounds liked to people, objects and actions on screen that are explicitly described.
  2. environments that can be flushed out with sonic ambience
  3. Environments can produce sounds depending of the area for example if its an old house then here may be a lot of leaking maybe a crow squawking to give the mood of death.

Reading a script can also give you ideas for sound describing something in detail can give the reader a sense of the sounds when imagining what you are reading can also give you ideas of what the sound would be.

A good example is a car swerved squealing while it did so. when reading this you think of the squeal or another example “The dog barked ferociously” the reader will them imagine what that dog sounded like.


Character, objects and actions


The little boy tiptoes along the spikes tops of the rotten picket fence, trying in vain to ignore the menacing bulldog chained just below him. As the mad dog lunges against its restraints , the boys hands spastically flap to maintain balance, his sneaker loosing grip.

characters: a protagonist ( little boy) and anti protagonist  (mad dog)

Objects: sneakers, chain and fence


Script set up

Exterior (EXT) Interior (INT)

scripts use moods to describe sound for example a furious wind will make the reader think of the sound of a storm. Using moods make sit easier or readers to imagine.

The sound Map (first Draft)

the sound maps also known as a cue sheet and allows the creator to map out what the audio will be through a list seen below.

  • Concrete sounds
  • musical sounds
  • music
  • voice








Professional Practice (Job Opportunities)

Date: 11/10/16

Today we looked at job roles that could suit us within the future and if we would want to apply for those, would the location effect us and would we be willing to move to the location.

After looking at the jobs that i found suited me i discovered that the majority of high paying jobs where located within London this sparked the conversation of if we would be willing to move fortunately have family that i could move in with at allow rate of pay which is only a small distance from the centre of London. After discussing the location we looked at vacancies to live in and how this would effect pay.

Once we had looked at where we would be living and the financial requirements needed we had a look at the job role that I was interested in, which was a game designer role. the class examined the skills needed and compared their skills to the Game Designer role. Once we completed the task we learnt that we would have to learn more skills to apply for the job but this could become a reality within a couple years.

Job Role:

Game Designer – Unity | iOS | Android

Salary paying up to £40,000 + Benefits

Games Designer needed to join a tight-knit team of developers and designers in an award-winning digital start up in London. You will be responsible for developing interactive digital and real world experiences on mobile.

With a real grasp on the IoT space, this is an exciting opportunity to be part of an organisation which is rapidly growing.

*Set the direction of the game design for the game reporting to the Head of Product
*Collaborate with a team of product designers to combine the physical product with the digital world
*Collaborate with a team of developers to deliver the experience
*Apply your knowledge to design not only the game, but the product with the best fit to its target audience
*Analyse the performance of your game and player’s behaviour to improve KPI metrics and achieve extraordinary results
*Design complex yet simple to understand systems for a game, which should easily fit in the global picture and compliment the game
*Create a natural challenging progression and rewarding experience for the player
*Lead UX design for the game, ensuring perfect usability for every part of a game
*Transform high-level ideas into detailed around well thought-out concepts and execute their implementation from top to bottom
*Passion for game design but you can build products and experiences
*Design excellent mobile games for iOS and Android using Unity
*Minimum of 3 years’ experience in designing games with 1 published title
*Extended knowledge of Unity to create both 2D and 3D games
*Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design, Interaction Design or equivalent
*Game design experience with an eye for details
*Excellent teamwork skills, flexibility, and ability to handle multiple tasks
*Excellent communication skills to illustrate ideas and concepts
Bonus Points
*Experience scripting in Unity
*Experience in 3D modelling software
*Traditional art skills
*Experience in defining key metrics to inform product and design decisions
*Gamer at heart

Salary paying up to £40,000 + Benefits

For the opportunity to join an award winning team focusing on improving Children’s education using the latest software in IoT.

If you think you could fit into the team and would like to know more please contact Alix Trought on at ISL or apply online to take the next step in your career!

Zodiac Killer Prime Suspect Video


Arthur Leigh allen was one of the main suspects of he zodiac killer case, these people claimed to know him or fallen victim to his violent outbursts. In my game the player must search Arthur Leigh Allens home. After Dave Toschi searched it the first time in the 1970’s he wasn’t allowed to prosecute Allen due to lack of evidence. My game will take place after the first home search, Dave is furies that Arthur didn’t get prosecuted so he returns by himself to find more evidence and put a stop to the zodiac killing.

Finale Idea

Date: 4/09/16

Zodiac Killer



After researching the two ideas I have come to the conclusion that the “Zodiac Killer” game will be a better choice. I have asked for feedback on my ideas and many people preferred the Zodiac Killer this was because it was an interesting story and also it is based on a true events. I believe that the setting will suit the overall feeling and mood being portrayed. Horror is the genre of the game this will reflect visually and through audio to really immerse the player.

The player will play as Dave Toschi who was the lead detective on the Zodiac killer case at the time. The player will use the mouse to point and click to the destination eh/she would like the character to go this will be easily done as the game will be hot within third person. Within unreal engine I will set up cameras so when the player moves the character into its view the camera will change accordingly meaning that the player will see from different angels. I am inspired to use this technique as it was done very well in the game “Grim Fandango”.

The game will consist of the player looking through the main suspect at the time Arthur leigh Arthurs trailer. While the Zodiac killer was still active Dave Yoschi got a warrant and went to search Arthurs trailer after finding multiple clues and suspicious objects the court still stated that there was not enough evidence to arrest him. In my game Dave Toschi returns to the trailer to try and find more evidence to end this investigation forever. While investigating the trailer the player will come across weapons used in the murders, Zodiac ciphers and also will come across other clues that might allow Dave Toschi to arrest the prime suspect Arthur Leigh Allen.





Vladimir Propp applied to video games

This theory is basic, but can still be used in ways that can prove interesting. Some of the most well known games have used this theory for example mario, sonic and Zelda. It seems how time moves on the theory still applies but the games are using narratives that make the characters difficult to categories making the gamer question the main charters relationships with other characters.

A great example of how this theory can be manipulated and changed is a game named Bioshock: Infinite. This game is a first person shooter video game developed by irrational games and is classed as one of the greats hitting ratings of 10/10 steam, 9.5/10 and 9/10 GameSpot.



The player plays as the former agent Booker DeWitt who is sent to a flying city named Columbia.


“Father” also known as Zachary Hake Comstock  is the main antagonist leader and founder of the flying city columbia. Booker Dewitt is the “Father” as he is him in the future and from another dimension but have crossed paths due to Elizabeth.


Elizabeth a young women who has been imprisoned since childhood but has a unique ability what gives her the power to open up tears through to parallel universes an locations.

The false hero

Booker DeWitt is also the false hero as he is the villain.

The Princesses Father

“Father” who is also Booker DeWitt from another dimension.



This game has used the theory but with a twist categorising just two of the characters and placing them in multiple groups.


Interactive Narrative (Grim Fandango & monkey island)

Date: 3/09/16

Grim Fandango 

Today we played the game Grim Fandango his game was created in 1998 for Microsoft windows. Grim Fandango is a point and click game the look and style is simple but is very effective. The game relies very heavily on dialogue and sound to bring the game to life for example when the main character Grim picks up a letter and reads it there is internally diegetic sounds this includes the voices of the people who wrote the letter.

You as the player must help people get to the afterlife if people have sinned then they have to walk if they have been good then they get transport Grim Fandango is part of the organisation that does this.  If he does not come up with better clients he will be fired. The functionality of this game is something similar to what I will be creating I especially like the camera angels of the game this is something I will incorporate into mine.


Monkey Island

After playing the game Grim Fandango we then started to play Monkey island this game is a 2D point and click game. the game involves a young boy who must set on a test to become a pirate. He is told to do specific jobs from the three old pirate captains and if he completes these jobs he can become a pirate like one of them. I like the style of monkey island it feels like you are part of a childs book.


Both these games have the same basic techniques but are visually and internally different Grim Fandango is 3d and uses dissent camera views where as Monkey island is 2D and uses the same classic camera view which is from the side. Both story are very interesting and i like the way in Grim Fandango where if he is thinking something he will say it outlaid so the path is clearer for the player.






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