Date: 19/9/16


What we will be learning.

  • Exploring sound in film.
  • Learning the tools of sound capture and design.
  • Generating effective sound effects.
  • Sound design.
  • Sound Manipulation.
  • Archive and cataloguing sounds.
  • Digital sequencing.
  • Digital effects in enhancing sounds.
  • Exporting sound files
  • Exporting sound files and their uses
  • Sound synching
  • Sound restoration


Software: Logic pro

Learning Outcomes

  • To investigate the uses of audio in a range of media forms.
  • To understand the opportunities and challenges of generating audio asset.



This module will give me the skills to create sounds and music to use with other project for example Interactive narrative. Creating sounds will create a better experience for the user.

Sound is a huge part of any user experience for example movies need sound not only to set the moodier scene but also to be used for characters and objects. Some games rely heavily on sound like the very popular game “Limbo”,  which had no dialog.