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February 2017


Date: 20/02/17




In this lesson we looked at the different technological parts that can create an Arduino machine. After placing them out o the table we went through what every parts purpose was and what it could do. Once we had looked at the technology Gareth then showed us a quick method to creating a flashing light on the Arduino board.




To create the flashing light we opened up the Arduino software and selected the board we where using.



After selecting the board we then selected the ‘file’ tab and then sleet the ‘basics’ option within the ‘examples’ menu. after doing this we selected the ‘Blink’ function.




Once we had selected the blink function we then saved and uploaded the code to the software where the device could read it.




Map of the environment.


This is a rough sketch of a path that the main character will take in the game.



This is the 3D model of the trailer that I created within cinema 4D I exported it as an FBX so that unreal engine can read it. To create this trailer i used a standard box and extruded it to give it depth. after doing this i used the torus to make a metal chain on the side of the house. The dirty rag on top of the trailer is a cloth that I simulated within C4D and then paused it on the scene that looked best.


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The walking Dead (Telltale Games Series) – The game features a man named Lee who starts his terrifying quest through the zombie apocalypse not to long after you gain control of the character lee you come across a young girl named Clementine. The game is one of the most popular point and click games to date due to the huge effort which went into the the story and that the choices the player makes can change certain events in the future.



I was introduced to grim fandango in class, after witnessing the mechanics I was instantly interested. The game reminded me of games I used to play as a child not just because of the visual style, but the way the dialogue was produced and what actuation went alongside them.

Fault Log

Version 1

  • Lighting has become brighter than usual.
  • Character non responsive.

Version 2

  • Top down character deleted.
  • camera has linked to landscape which has shifted all assets.
  • No sound

Version 3

  • Character I imported is transparent.

Version 4

(All working fine),



This is the matinee to the opening sequence to my game I inserted movement for the camera and I also inserted a sound track where I imported my sounds in. Using the key frames i was able to choose what time a sequence would stop and start.

Adding sound within unreal.


The image above shows that i connected the sound to play and then connected the ‘OnCollisionSetActorToOverlay’. Once I inserted that i then destroyed the actor and created a fade.



When I added the sound within unreal I changed the radius to the size that I found efficient.

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