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This is instructions for the wiring that will ultimately control the robotic arm and allow the user to control it using the analogue sticks. These instructions are placed within the code, but are not part of it as it is there purely for the user to read. I have followed these instructions to place the wiring within the correct slots, but I have ha to do a slight twist of my own due the the faulty servo’s this meant that some wires would have to be unused.


This is an image of my robotic arm, as you can see from the image the shoulder and arm are both disconected and will not be controlled by the analogue sticks due to it being faulty The main wires from the servos are connected to both the bread board and the Arduino uno board, the brown and red are both connected with the bread board and the yellow is connected to the Arduino uno board.  Analogue stick one (which was the only stick I used) was connected to four diferrent parts the GND, VCC, HDR, VER.


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This part of the code corresponds to the wires imputed within A0, A1, A2 ,A3 and states the positions can be controlled by using positioning within position X,Y,Z,G with the same values.


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This is the part of code that is attached to the servos and is responsible for powering them. the number next to each servo is where the wire should be attached to on the Arduino board.


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This is the code that allows the user to control the positioning of the robotic arm using the analogue sticks. It does this by reading the input of the controls then using the servos to position the arm and rotation of the device.