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November 2015

Character Design

basic-outline-of-charector-with-colour.pngToday i completed my concept of my character this will be my main protagonist in my game. he will look like this in his 2d form and will turn into 3D when he touches the 3d object in the game.


Rayman Character Design

270008Rayman’s basic design is similar to the character that I have been given to work with. Rayman’s eyes and mouth are two of the key features I would like on my character. His eyes are very easy to see and could work in a 3d environment if need be due to them being in a position, which allows this. Ryman has a very unique mouth, which is very separate from his head, when creating my character the mouth will be closer to his head and be capable of undergoing a 360 degree view from the player for example the viewer will be able to see the mouth if rotating the character instead of it disappearing when getting to a certain view as would a flat 2d image.

Rayman has been created using very bright colours and this technique gets the attention of the player. In a green forest it is going to be very hard to loose a yellow man wearing a purple and red jumper. When creating my character I will be using a lighter yellow for skin colour and depending on the background story of my character will determine his clothes.


Basic Design 2D Character

charecter basic designThe character we have been given to work with is as shown on the left. The characters figure is very cartoony and looks like it will suit a kids game. The game that I am creating is aimed at children and will mean that the character will have to look appealing to the kids for example I will add in bright colours and characteristics that they can relate to.


Honey & Mumford

Honey & Mumford

By Jordan Gardner


Many people have their own way of learning, but there are four types of learners Reflectors, Theorists, Activists and pragmatists. Reflectors are people who observe and don’t get hugely involved they collect data till they can come up with an appropriate conclusion. Theorists is a person who looks to see reasons behind a subject before engaging with it, they like to see facts, blueprints and overall information. Activists are people who like to jump feet first into a situation/challenge and have an open-minded approach to learning. Pragmatists are people who need to see how to put the practice to use and need to see its working fully and if so how has it come to a finale conclusion.

When doing the Honey and Mumford questionnaire I believed through the whole time that I would be an activist but in the end results that I tallied up it came apparent that I was a reflector. A reflector is one who sits on the side lines and assess the situation taking data and working towards a conclusion.

I believe I am more of an activist due to the overall description, which I believe fits me perfectly I like to get stuck in to a challenge and be one to command a group not sit on the sidelines maybe part of the outcome of the Honey & Mumford is true as I do sometime collect the data and come to a conclusion on a subtle manor but this all depends on the nature of the challenge. In the questionnaire I do state that I like to have a step to step approach, but when I am jumping into a software and playing around with it this could be part of my step to step technique, which could be classed as part reflector and part activist.

Initial self Reflection

Initial self Reflection

By Jordan Gardner

My course provides me with professional software and the tools I need to create and develop fully working games. I am expecting higher knowledge than I own on the games industry before and after a production for example pre production through to the finale product. The course should deconstruct and present many different aspects of game design as well as teach me the methods of game designers and the steps o how you become one.

I am hoping to achieve more experience and knowledge on the games industry and on the tools I need to create fully working games. After obtaining this knowledge I want to be able to create professional and playable games that will help me build a portfolio of work. I would also like to receive good grades on the course allowing me to find a job and present them with the grades I achieve in hope of employment.

After completing the Honey and Mumford questionnaire it told me that I observe from the side-lines and don’t leap in to challenges where some of this is true I do believe that most of me is an activist I normally do get into a challenge and do this by hitting it head on. So I believe I am more of an activist when it comes to learning and that I have to dive feet first into a subject to learn from it for example I prefer to play around with a software and then have a look at tutorials on the basics of that software. I do this because I believe it is the fastest and most efficient method. Not only does it work well for me to be an activist I produce good work an find it easy to learn new software’s from learning this way. I am very open-minded and emmer’s myself fully when working with projects or activities in general this allows me to get stuck in and get the job done.

We as a race have progressed and advanced through technology and this is proven with devices like mobiles, cars and games Many fantastic and purely brilliant games, which have been classed as masterpieces have been released to the public and have incredible feedback. Some games have literally changed the way people look or even interact with games. Some games are created so brilliantly its like your watching a movie, but some how parts of the story games made so well that you feel part of it and really care about the characters you are playing as such games as The Last of Us and Uncharted. I am Influenced by game that do this, games that give you this feeling of care and overall create a whole new world where you the player can explore and ultimately feel part of the story.

Media is one of the biggest tools on this planet that is used to deliver/store information and data. Media is anything that involves information /data this can be classed as TV, game, radio, etc. Media is very powerful mainly due to it being largely used across the world many countries use this to their advantage and can control a large amount of the population from creating stories or producing content on Media.

Creativity is what has built humanity, the truth and fact of life is that we cannot progress without it. Creativity is very important to me and I believe that with the career path I want to take it will play a huge part of my life. When designing a game I need it to be unique for it to even become noticed by the audience this will take a huge amount of creativity especially for it to be something no one has ever created. Coming up with new ideas and coming up with different concepts is very important as it allows me to asses which ones work and which one don’t.

My aims for the future all revolve around game design when I finish uni I would like to become a free lancer and try to develop my own games to put up o the apple app store. I will have to know xcode on a professional level to do this after I have done freelance depending on my financial situation I will either continue to do freelance or I will find a company that does app development for example mutant labs in Plymouth who have produced a number of apps on the app store like “Im Aqua Rius”, which came under the category of best new games. If I find my strengths are better in unreal engine I will build up a portfolio from my time at uni and also outside education and display it to a company for example ‘Treyach” would be my number one priority due to me having a lot of knowledge on their games.

Rayman (Research)

Rayman (Research)                                   

Rayman (research)

App design chart

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 09.33.47 Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 09.33.37

Today I learnt about the different aspects of an app. I discovered about splash screen and all the options that are displayed to the user. I created a chart that displays the options displayed to the user when they interact with the application.

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