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November 2016

Professional Practice (Sam Harris Ted Talk)

Date: 31/10/16

Today I watched a Ted talk done by Sam Harris he explained what “AI’s” (artificial intelligence) are and spoke about are common reaction when talking about them. He explained that commonly when we think of AI we think of sic fi films for example “Terminator” and “EX-Machina”. Sam Harris explains that worryingly many people get excited about the subject where we should instead be very cautious of what is to come. He said in around 50 years we could have developed an AI and that the timescale of this is not that far away. The only way we can stop the upcoming advancement into AI is if mankind ultimately stop updating are technology  or if there is a world dissed that forces us to.


The reason AI could potentially mean the extinction of the human race is purely because of separate goals between us and machine for example sam said and i quote “The concern is that we will build machines that are much more competent then we are that  the slightest  diversion from there goals and are own could destroy us”. Following up after explaining his worry he then tries to get the audience to understand how are presence can serialsy conflict with the machines that we could go on to create in the future. He uses ants as an example and the relationship we have with them he explains that we don’t go out are way to harm them we even step over the on the side walk to prevent harming them but as soon as there presence conflicts with are goals for example a building sites then we annihilate  them without a qualm. The main concern is that if we create machines they could treat us with similar disregard as humans treat ants wether conscious or not.

Looking at the timescale of when humanity will create such a machine can also be classed as worrying to many, Sam Harris goes on to say any progress within are technology no matter how fast or slow are progress my be, is still getting us to the end zone where we will create an AI.




Zodiac murders and witnesses

This video describes the murders in detail and displays graphical images from the crime scenes. This will help me create the environment and characters for my game as the witnesses describe what the Zodiac looked and sounded like. The Video shows the locations where the murders happened and how the cops responded when arriving at the scene of the crime the reactions which people have given within the video

Not only does the documentary give a huge amount of detail from multiple people who where involved, but the way the documentary is edited creates a disturbing mood. The music is very suspenseful and gets deeper when the witness and victims talk about an unsettling moment.

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