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UX design

Torbay airshow

Iphone menu

I have based my logo around the iPhone menu this is because people are very familiar with this and once downloading the app will have no trouble navigating through all the pages. I will be emailing the client designs and seeing if any changes will need to be enforced.


Social media

UI social media.pngThis shows the social networks that I will insert into the menu they are extremely important as they allow the user to share with friends, which will evidently advertise the event.


Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 00.11.27.pngThis is my wireframe for my Torbay airshow app the all buttons are linked to a view controller that will later on be filled with information of the chosen subject by the user. The buttons will be replaced by images that i have created in photoshop.



In xcode when linking buttons to view controllers i must keep it in an orderly fashion due to the amount of buttons i have. creating a sketch allows be to pre-plan the layout


IMG_5596.JPGSketching layout for photoshop as this will allow me to construct a basic idea of measurements and visual aspects.

App design


Social Media


I have talked about social media as it is one of the biggest advertising methods used today. Applying this to the app will make the app and the event more known.

IMG_5592.JPGthis is a sketch of the banner i have created it will allow the user to understand what the icons mean for example if the icon is planes it would mean the “red arrows” the title will suggest this and make this obvious to the user.

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