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Learning styles questionnaire

Personal development plan


  • Finish foundation at South Devon uni.
  • Do finale year in Plymouth.
  • Create portfolio.
  • Find job suitable to my skills.


  • Work hard and hand things in before the deadline.
  • Creating work that will get me grades that will give me the pathway to get me into Plymouth.
  • My blog has already got a high amount of content meaning that I can use this for my portfolio.
  • Look for jobs to do with app design or 3D modeling.

Evidence of achievement

  • I’m already part way through my course.
  • I’ve started my blog/portfolio.
  • I’ve already sent a cover letter to the company King.

Target date

  • Finish foundation course (June 2017)
  • Finale year Plymouth (June 2018)
  • Completing portfolio (June 2018)
  • Find job (June 2018)

Three successful practical outcomes

alienCreating this model has extended my knowledge within modeling and I have now learned how to use subsurface scattering within cinema 4d. Not only has this allowed me to create realistic models, but it also has  helped me discover different methods to create such things for example the sculpting feature within cinema 4D.

To create this model I started with a sphere and sculpted the facial features in, after completing the basic shape I used different materials to create the eyes which I made red to give a more sinister look. Once the basic shape and eyes was created I the proceeded to add detail this involves the damage done to the aliens right eye. When the front was completed I proceeded to the back and inserted tubes to give a laboratory feel.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.35.03

The Torbay airshow app is one of the most successful projects I have created this year due to the importance and over all design. Being able to work with real clients has helped me with a better understanding within the media industry. The project has also helped me to progress with skill for the future, which include communication and working towards a real life deadline for a product.

To create the buttons I used Photoshop as this would allow me to do the design at a professional level. To create the banners I used a couple rectangles and tweaked the opacity to create a shadow within the banner this was to give the image more depth. After creating the banners I proceeded to smooth off the edges and add shadow to the images given to me by the client.

cristal grassThis is a 3D model I have been working on for some time now. this image was meant for my ‘keep it 2d’ game but after making my Torbay airshow app my main focus I abandoned the idea, but I still have this model representing the last level of the game. I learnt how to use the plugin thrausi, which allows the user to break an object into pieces this can be applied to any object within cinema 4D.

I also created a smooth landscape which acted as the hill then stimulated grass and applied it to the ground. After doing this I tweaked the settings for the colour this made the grass look realistic.


Overall these projects helped me learn more about the software’s I have been using and also how to apply different techniques to get the best outcome from my work.



Jordan Gardner – 07478725055





I am a motivated worker who enjoys interacting with customers and working at a high standard. I am very creative and create apps and 3d models for clients and also for my educational sector. After working in different aspects of the job industry I have learnt much about teamwork and how to satisfy the customer/client and also how communication is key within app and game industry. .




Hennessy Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge– November 2011-October 2013

Company website –

Location – 41 Torwood St, Torquay TQ1 1DZ



  • Waitering customers by providing drinks and food or anything else they desired.
  • Working in the kitchen as a Kitchen porter.
  • Helping behind the bar and making sure everything was up to standard.
  • Creating promotional videos for the company.
  • Helped with Web design and Graphic Design used to promote Hennessy.
  • Stocking shelves and rearranging restaurant layouts.


Micro Update – October 2012

Company website –

Location – Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4PJ




  • Creating graphics for companies.
  • Helping lead web designers with creating layouts for websites.
  • Working with leading graphic designers.
  • Persuading customers to purchase websites and features which could generate profit.



The Shack – June 2014

Company website –

Location – 43 Torwood St, Torquay, Devon TQ1 1DY

  • Head of bar.
  • Working with desserts in kitchen.
  • Stocking the bar.
  • Pot washing.
  • Waitering customers by providing drinks and food or anything else they desired.



Sports Direct – September 2014 – September 2015

Company website –

Location – 24-26 Queens Street, Newton Abbott, Devon, TQ12 2EF

  • Working on the till.
  • Assisting with deliveries.
  • Working in the stock room.
  • Tidying up the store.
  • Helping customers.



River Island –  September 2015 – (current employer)

Company website –

Location – 42-44 Union St, Torquay, Torbay TQ2 5PW

  • Working on till.
  • Taking part in regular stock checks.
  • Helping with delivery.
  • Assisting customers.
  • Rearranging store.
  • Helping VM with merchandising within the store.



–    Cuthbert Mayne

–    South Devon College

–    Plymouth University


Creative computing – September 2012 – July 2013.

South Devon College

–          Overall Distinction


Interactive media – September 2014 – July 2015

South Devon College

–          Distinction/Merit



Interactive media and app development – September 2015 –

June 2016

South Devon College

Working on a free and premium app for Torbay airshow to be displayed on portable devices. This will help with advertisement and creating profit for the show.





–          I enjoy creating graphics design.

–          Creating Applications to be used on mobile devices as well as tablets.

–          Creating layout for websites.

–          Playing tennis tournaments.

–          I’m very into fashion and having a tidy appearance is important to me.

–          Creating 3D Models.

–          Creating apps using swift and Xcode.

–          Working with the software Xcode.

–          Working with the software Cinema 4D.





–          Hennessey restaurant – 01803290900

–          MicroUpdate -01626 439859




–          Torbay airshow app

–          3D model Alien

–          3D model house

Theoretical perspectives

People have argued the theory that digital culture is merging with a somewhat offline culture one that is physical for example we use phones on a day to day basis this may be to communicate or more. Due to technology becoming more advanced it means that we can do more than just communicate we can now communicate through many different platforms like ‘facebook and twitter’ not only can we use communication we can also write notes, set reminders and play games. Portable devices are becoming a part of life in, which we rely on.

After reading the book “analysing media texts” by ‘Andrew Burn’ and ‘David Parker’ I have discovered the multimodality theory where semiotics can mean different things depending on the way it is delivered like any other communication method for example if a person aggressively shouted a sentence at someone it would come across as insulting and give a negative effect this conspires into semiotics.

 While researching games that where accused of promoting a murder I came across the ‘Bobo doll experiment’ that featured a video clip of a person beating up a doll and was shown to children after the clip had finished the children where then released in to the room with the same doll the children the proceeded to attack the doll the same as the person within the video clip. This experiment was to determine how much visual content featured on television might effect the younger generation. This theory helped me develop my experiment, which I tested within the class this allowed me to determine how easy it is to get frustrated.

The ‘Bobo doll experiment’ was very similar to the hypodermic needle theory this theory helped me show a side of the murders that people where supporting and this was to get violent video games banned. The hypodermic needle theory was a one-way communication method stating that the audience accepted the message wholly with no resistance. The theory is now seen as out dated but some aspects are still seen an valid from a small amount of people for example people on the victims side of the manhunt murder which consisted of a boy playing a violent game for a long amount of time and using some of the techniques within the game to murder his younger friend.

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Relevant contextual research conducted in digital culture

Within digital culture I have researched and talked about a debate that has been one of the main topics for parents children and the media. This topic is video games and do they have a negative effect to the player and people around them after doing research on this subject I constructed a power point that I presented to the class to show them two sides of the story and how many people may think that video games lead to negative behavior this can be physical, verbal and cyber. Video games have been played for years, they where first created in the 1950s one of the first games created was called “two for tennis” this game features two still lines and a simulation of a ball. This game began not only the start of competitive play within this entertainment sector, but also obtained a new audience “gamers”.

Within the digital sector unit I have used primary and secondary research to obtain a general understanding of the public and how they feel on the subject. To construct the secondary research I used websites, books and searched for old newspapers for the information I needed.

The BBC website and other reliable sources gave me an in-site to many stories over the years that contained not only the facts, but opinions given by people involved. A very interesting story, which was displayed on the BBC website and shown on the front page was about a young 17 year old boy named Warren Leblanc who repeatedly stabbed and battered his friend Stefan Pakeerah him with a claw hammer after playing the game manhunt. The article displayed events before and after the trial was concluded saying that Warren was obsessed with the game and that after that trial had finished Stefans mother attempted to ban violent video games.

While presenting my findings and the research I had conducted I created a small task this would be using primary research that I held within the class. The idea was to show my audience how easy it can be to get frustrated or angry within a matter of seconds. The task was simple, but effective as I gained a huge amount of feedback that will allow me to come up with a general conclusion.

Games have objectives that the player must complete and when a player completes this they are granted with a reward for example a specific item, power up, extra content, etc. Due to the reward system within games it has made other players determined to also be granted rewards therefore giving them a goal they must complete. If repeatedly failing at a task the majority of people can become frustrated I converted this theory into the task I constructed and tested within the class.

The Task consisted of me throwing a ball to at an audience member this would act as the user journey, then if they managed to catch the ball it would act as them completing an objective afterword’s I rewarded them with chocolate this would be similar to them obtaining a reward in a game. The catch was that I only through the ball to a small number of the class making the other people slightly jealous then I asked the other people how they were feeling sand they all agreed that they wanted a reward as well and if they continued to miss their chance they would become frustrated similar to people when playing games there was no physical anger, but that’s because the task was set within an controlled environment.

After completing the task I combined the previous research on the man hunt murder and compared it to the task I created and experimented with in class it wasn’t on the same scale and the intensity wasn’t as extreme but the outcome still showed me that people to get frustrated and could possibly take their feelings out in a physical manner. After working on different units I have used primary and secondary research to obtain the information I needed.

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A written account of at least one example of when you have worked independently, and one example of when you have worked as part of a group. Analyse your successes and areas for development within these examples. Include (still image) copies of the work produced during these examples

For the digital artifacts unit it is required to work alone. One of my ideas was to create and alien, a being from another planet, which is being created and processed through a lab. I conducted research of alien images and game art, which featured them this allowed me to gain a general understanding for the visual element.

To create the character I used the software cinema 4D this is due to the power and results you can get from the software it also is the 3D software I am most comfortable with. The character helped me learned how to texture skin at a higher level of professionalism I found this while looking at tutorials online. The technique was to apply subsurface scattering on the material therefore allowing the light to have certain depth to the object. I have used the sculpting method to create the facial features to the character turning a simple sphere to a realistic alien.

After applying subsurface scattering it provided the character with a realistic feel and also produced a higher amount of depth. Working alone allowed me to produce my own ideas and not have to worry about other people’s ideas needing to be generated as well. Depending on the project working alone can be very beneficial as I have felt I have learnt a lot during the time creating this alien creature the I would if I was within a group.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.35.03

Creating the Torbay airshow app required a group and within this group we had different roles. My role was to create the graphics and to code where as the rest of the group’s role was to research and to come up with different methods of coding this would consist of how to connect social media within the app and also how to connect a traffic feed all vital parts within this unit.

Making the graphics look smoother and also creating a game to go with the app will give the user an extra level of entertainment I have done this by making a similar game to top trumps it is made for two people therefore promoting for more people to download the application.

I used Photoshop to create the graphics and Xcode to write the code. Photoshop allowed me to create the background and sharpen the graphics given to us by the airshow creating banners and making he buttons stand out by adding shadows.

Working in a group was very beneficial as it helped speed up the completion of the app especially with the deadline coming so close. I learned a huge amount about how to code, advertisement, premium apps, etc

Not only am I doing this project for the university course, but also we have a client who needs the app before the deadline. Being able to talk to the client and setting meetings have boosted my social skill and also helped me with experience for the future.

I have used the work to create a short portfolio which I have sent of to companies allowing me to advertise the work I have done and the work I can do.



Honey & Mumford

Honey & Mumford

By Jordan Gardner


Many people have their own way of learning, but there are four types of learners Reflectors, Theorists, Activists and pragmatists. Reflectors are people who observe and don’t get hugely involved they collect data till they can come up with an appropriate conclusion. Theorists is a person who looks to see reasons behind a subject before engaging with it, they like to see facts, blueprints and overall information. Activists are people who like to jump feet first into a situation/challenge and have an open-minded approach to learning. Pragmatists are people who need to see how to put the practice to use and need to see its working fully and if so how has it come to a finale conclusion.

When doing the Honey and Mumford questionnaire I believed through the whole time that I would be an activist but in the end results that I tallied up it came apparent that I was a reflector. A reflector is one who sits on the side lines and assess the situation taking data and working towards a conclusion.

I believe I am more of an activist due to the overall description, which I believe fits me perfectly I like to get stuck in to a challenge and be one to command a group not sit on the sidelines maybe part of the outcome of the Honey & Mumford is true as I do sometime collect the data and come to a conclusion on a subtle manor but this all depends on the nature of the challenge. In the questionnaire I do state that I like to have a step to step approach, but when I am jumping into a software and playing around with it this could be part of my step to step technique, which could be classed as part reflector and part activist.

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