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Microsoft Job

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 01.50.56Not only does this job mean that you can work with Microsoft but it means that while doing this you can learn on the way. It gives the employee s chance to help the team code and produce games which is the definition of a game creator.



Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 01.43.35.pngThere are many jobs available ranging form working eith coding to testing. The testing side of the game industry is one of the most simple but lengthy processes. If obtaining this job you will have to have patience. Game testers go around the game levels looking for bugs, anything wrong with playability and also have to give a huge amount of feedback.

Character development

charecter timlineThis is the process i had to go through while creating my character it is essay to tell the further i got the more detailed Time became.

Progression of the game industry

Video games are one of the most popular subjects of modern day they have been displayed on many devices, which have allowed users to interact and communicate with them. While platforms updated so did the games that where created for them.


The first games where created years ago one of the first created was called “Tennis for Two”, which was created by William Higinbotham and allowed people to play a very simple simulated game of tennis it didn’t feature characters just two lines that where meant to indicate the ground and net and another objects that was the ball very similar concept to pong. Tennis for Two was developed in 1968 and was played on a Donner Model 30 analogue computer. Pong is very similar to “Tennis for Two” as it is also based on the sport tennis. Pong was released nearly 10 years after tennis for two and was produced on an arcade like system. After proving popular pong was released with the platform Magnavox Odyssey.

Games in the 1990s where not seen as hugely popular and did not have the teams that they do now. Pong included just a visual elements allowing for later versions to include a repeated sound when the ball made contact with the lines that the player was using.

A high majority of games that came out around the 1970s through to 1990s where pixel based this is due to the capability of the platform. Due to the main design being 2D through this era most games where designed to be side scrollers ultimately creating game like sonic and Mario. The 1990s not only introduced 3D to the gaming industry, but also other video game genres like first person shooters and strategy based games. Games like need for speed and Mario where introduced into a 3D perspective and gave the user a chance to experience there favourite games in 3D.

The audience was mostly men this was mainly because of the platform it was on as games where very console based. Due to the platform requirements it seemed that more men where interested then women. Modern day has provided people with platforms that do not limit us to staying at home these devices include phones, tablets, laptops, interactive watches, etc. Allowing the user to go to any location and play your games means that more people who do not have time to stay at home can also play games.

Games have worked their way into social media using the websites to not only promote the game but also be part of it for example sending invites or certain items linked to the game to a person on your friends list a game what highly uses this technique is “candy crush” a game highly used by men and women. Not only has social media and games there to be enjoyed they have also become a huge interest to women therefore expanding the market. Women have nearly taken over half of the audience that are gamers this compared to the 1990s shows just how changing the platform and games itself can change the audience and who plays it.

Early platforms like the Magnavox Odyssey and other consoles have had many updates not only to keep up with other platforms being released at the time, but also because it would need to play the latest games. A good example of console and game progression is the transformation from the seventh generation of consoles to the eighth gen we have today for example Xbox one and ps4. Looking at the comparison of these two generations it is easy to tell what has been updated like graphics and the main interface.

Games like ”fallout 4” and “Tomb raider” show the potential and transformation games are going through the graphics are the best that a console has ever been able to produced they even match up to some of the nest PCs that have been created. Today people are using voice control and inferred projectors that allow for a user to control their devices this was extensively used with Xbox 360 and is being used again with Xbox one. The Kinect allowed the user to play games and interact with the console with no controllers this was all possible by using infrared projector and CMOS sensors that can determine depth in an environment not as a flat image.

Games and devices are becoming more advanced and are only going to get better every console has limitations for example size, realism, connectivity, etc. Limitations in the gaming industry are what drive people to create updated and better versions of platforms one of the biggest limitation could be realism and sight for example to look round in mainstream games you must use toggle sticks on the d pad if playing with a controller, but if a person wants to look around in real life the simply just turn their head. Game companies are taking this into practise and asking the very popular question “can we bring the user into the game” the answer is yes through VR construction and immersion. VR also known as virtual reality is giving the user the chance to see from the eyes of the character inside the game to do this all people need is a headset and appropriate device that can run games. A product named oculus rift has been created which allows the person to look 360 degrees in an environment which is virtual.

The oculus could be described as a basic model compared to the overall design they are heading towards as some games do require controls, but it shows that VR is starting to become popular and if it is becoming popular it will therefore make money creating more reason to the game industry to update and produce a updated versions of this device. There is many videos that have been released on social media showing off the extent of its capabilities for example Node show the potential of the oculas rift and games they have created for the device.

thegardian suggest that VR will become more popular not only that, but users may become more mainstream and be viewed playing games on tv. Youtubers who play games for a living have been on shows that involved them being interviewed this shows that gamers are being respected for what they do and praised for doing it as a job.

There are many games that have taken many different aspects and merged them into a brilliant production a fantastic example of this is the popular game “deadspace” one of the most immersive horror sci-fi shooters. The game used new unique features to create an immersive experience for the player for example all menus are in game even the save menu are computer systems that are scattered around the ship. The story is based on a character names Isaac who is assigned with a mission to explore a planet where they have lost connection with their fellow crew. When entering the planet they quickly realise an infection has spread mutating people and turning them into creatures. This game created a huge name for itself due to the different techniques for killing enemies the “necromorphs” for example fully disable these enemies the player had to shoot the libs off. The sound of the game changes if Isaac is inside or outside the ship this is due to air presser. overall the game brought many thins people love and put them together

Deadspace compared to very early games shows the updates that the game industry have made and are continuing to make.  sound has also been updated tremendously for example if you run within the game “farcry” your character runs out of breath and start gasping for air.

As soon as the game industry opened there was chance for many people to obtain jobs and become many different elements to the industry for example people could work with sound, visual design, coding, game art, etc. Creating the game itself takes a team to deal with all the different aspects the person with the role of sound must think about what music he will create or obtain rights for not only does that person or people have to think about music but also sound effects this can consist of the character talking and objects featured for example environment. The visual design and models need to be created by a 3D modeller/ architect this could range from characters to environments. Based on my research there are a couple jobs available on” reed” and “indeed” there is even a game tester job for “Rockstar”.

The game industry is becoming more independent modern day has provided people with the software that has the potential to create fully working video games for example Xcode. Xcode is very popular software used by plenty of freelancers who want to create apps some apps like flappy bird where created and produced due to the amount of popularity it had an update every early on making it cleaner and smoother. There are many job roles for example game designer, game artist, game modeller,coder, etc. The game designers role is to keep the main structure and team together creating storys with the writer an overall designing the main game.

The game artist is there for any game art needed this could be front cover, textures and even materials for skins and objects within game. A lot of game industries employ these artists to help advertisement for there game for example if they release some detailed art that looks clear and describes a lot about the game from that one picture it will get many people interested.

The game modeller/editor is there to create models to be used within the level and even game art. This role will include creating objects and even landscapes these different aspects would usually be created within a team depending on the scale for the game. Game modellers are also in charge of character development in the 3D factor depending on their modelling areas.

The coder is the team or person in charge of scripting the game and making sure that it runs smoothly. Ever gaming team will have this as a very hight of its importance due to the game needing to run smoothly and efficiently. Coder sometimes work very closely with the coders to get the correct visual effect and layout of the game to suit the whole theme.

Many games need to meet production requirements to be allowed to be produced on a large scale for example”prey 2″ was widely anticipated but was cancelled numerous amount of times due to production issues even when a number of companies tried to take the task of brining the game to the public. Th latest games like “Fallout 4” and “Black ops 3” have created huge team to produce good quality games, but freelance is starting to take over allowing small teams to produce fully working professional games.

Overall the game industry is expanding and producing content. Some of the content that they produce has inspired me to create my own game and look towards how the game industry will change and be updated for the future.


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Design document for Keep It 2D

Character Design

basic-outline-of-charector-with-colour.pngToday i completed my concept of my character this will be my main protagonist in my game. he will look like this in his 2d form and will turn into 3D when he touches the 3d object in the game.

Rayman Character Design

270008Rayman’s basic design is similar to the character that I have been given to work with. Rayman’s eyes and mouth are two of the key features I would like on my character. His eyes are very easy to see and could work in a 3d environment if need be due to them being in a position, which allows this. Ryman has a very unique mouth, which is very separate from his head, when creating my character the mouth will be closer to his head and be capable of undergoing a 360 degree view from the player for example the viewer will be able to see the mouth if rotating the character instead of it disappearing when getting to a certain view as would a flat 2d image.

Rayman has been created using very bright colours and this technique gets the attention of the player. In a green forest it is going to be very hard to loose a yellow man wearing a purple and red jumper. When creating my character I will be using a lighter yellow for skin colour and depending on the background story of my character will determine his clothes.


Basic Design 2D Character

charecter basic designThe character we have been given to work with is as shown on the left. The characters figure is very cartoony and looks like it will suit a kids game. The game that I am creating is aimed at children and will mean that the character will have to look appealing to the kids for example I will add in bright colours and characteristics that they can relate to.

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