Idea 1: Good Dream Bad Dream game.

Genre: Horror, First Person

Visual: 3D


This game will be about a man named John, after John gets back from a long day at work he goes strait to bed falling to sleep instantly. after a short nights sleep John wakes up but not in his own bed, its a childs bed. Dave realises he is in his room from when he was the age of 5. John starts to panic looking for any probable cause of the environment that he has somehow been placed in. The door opens a glowing figure shows through the crack of the door. A man with a gentle voice calls out to John. John goes closer to the door and he glowing figure is a young boy stating that he is a good dream with John mind and that John is sleeping but won’t be able to wake up unless he finds his own bed.

Some sort of scream comes from a distance, but is slowly edging its way to John he decides to go with the young boy as they are walking John realises that he is walking through his past and that the environment is parts of his childhood and memories.



Idea 2: Zodiac Killings

Genre: Thriller, Third person (Point and Click)

visual: 3D

This game would be based on the famous Zodiac killings. The story will follow a detective who’s close on the Zodiacs trail. It will be the players responsibility to find evidence throughout the murderess trail of dead bodies that the Zodiac is leaving behind him.  The player will be playing as the “Dave Toschi” who was the lead detective in the Zodiac case back in the 1960’s – 1970’s.

The game will feature the main suspects house where the player will explore and try find some sense to these unprovoked murders. Throughout the murders there will be puzzles and items the player will have to collect or solve.  Every puzzle will bring “Dave Toschi” closer to the Zodiac killer.