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Arduino chosen project.


Robotic arm



This is my chosen project I will be creating this and developing my skills using Arduino, after gathering the parts and constructing the robotic arm, I will then have to code it and program the arm so that the position will change depending on what command it receives fro the controls.

Parts needed to create robotic arm:

  • 6 servo´s
  • lexan 2mm
  • distance sensor
  • 10mm led (optional.
  • stative
  • claw

Arduino projects.



option 1.

Traffic light controller


This would be a very simple device to create and would allow me to change the output this can include timing or order of sequnece based on the code within the Arduino software.

Parts required:

  • Arduino UNO
  • 1KΩ Resistor X 12
  • Red LEDs X 4
  • Yellow LEDs X 4
  • Green LEDs X 4
  • Connecting wires
  • Prototyping board
  • Power adapter

Option 2.

Arduino-Powered Temperature Controller


This is a powered temperature controller it is used to keep a certain temperature and maintane a consistent result. It is normally constructed when growing plants or keeping wildlife that relies heavily on temperature.

Parts required:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Relay or RC plug switches
  • Screw terminals
  • Box to trap the heat
  • Heating/cooling element


Option 3.

Arduino-Powered laser turret


The laser turret is created purely for fu but can be used for practical reasons if required. If equipped with a sensor it an be used as a warning device for anything that may cross it.

Parts required:

  • 2 servos
  • Laser module
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Metal wire and cable ties


Option 4.

Arduino-Powered robot arm


The robotic arm can be used to grab objects and move the to another location, this can only be used on small objects.

Parts required:

  • 6 servo´s
  • lexan 2mm
  • distance sensor
  • 10mm led (optional.
  • stative
  • claw


Project ideas inspired from “10 great Arduino projects for beginners”

Web Link :






Arduino ideas.

This Arduino robot had the capability to move and detect obstacles in its way, after detecting the obstacles it would find an alternative route.

This robot has a design that allow it to walk, the design its built upon allows the robot to do multiple moments and motions some people have programmed it o kick balls in to miniature goals.

This is a robot arm that can extend, rotate and grab small objects this is all controlled with the classical wii controller.





Date: 20/02/17




In this lesson we looked at the different technological parts that can create an Arduino machine. After placing them out o the table we went through what every parts purpose was and what it could do. Once we had looked at the technology Gareth then showed us a quick method to creating a flashing light on the Arduino board.




To create the flashing light we opened up the Arduino software and selected the board we where using.



After selecting the board we then selected the ‘file’ tab and then sleet the ‘basics’ option within the ‘examples’ menu. after doing this we selected the ‘Blink’ function.




Once we had selected the blink function we then saved and uploaded the code to the software where the device could read it.



Map of the environment.


This is a rough sketch of a path that the main character will take in the game.



This is the 3D model of the trailer that I created within cinema 4D I exported it as an FBX so that unreal engine can read it. To create this trailer i used a standard box and extruded it to give it depth. after doing this i used the torus to make a metal chain on the side of the house. The dirty rag on top of the trailer is a cloth that I simulated within C4D and then paused it on the scene that looked best.


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The walking Dead (Telltale Games Series) – The game features a man named Lee who starts his terrifying quest through the zombie apocalypse not to long after you gain control of the character lee you come across a young girl named Clementine. The game is one of the most popular point and click games to date due to the huge effort which went into the the story and that the choices the player makes can change certain events in the future.



I was introduced to grim fandango in class, after witnessing the mechanics I was instantly interested. The game reminded me of games I used to play as a child not just because of the visual style, but the way the dialogue was produced and what actuation went alongside them.

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