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These are the parts required to create a fully functional robot arm excluding the software. Each part is made out of lightweight plastic bust is also doable and easy to position due the the purpose of its functionality. Upon construction the base I  will have to create the main support that will sit onto of this base, after constructing the base i will then fix the arms into place adding the servos while I do so.

Once the servos are in place I will then start to construct the arm and attach it to the base this will allow the robot arm to rotate. Once I have created the arm I will attach another servo to the end of it and then insert the claws that will allow the robot arm to grab under the servo. Once I have completed the physical side to his project I will move onto the software Arduino. I will then use the base code for my robotic arm and test the functionality of it.

These designs for my parts will allow me to 3D Print the parts and build my Robotic arm.