3D printing was an option for me if I needed the parts. Instead I already had pre-made parts that I ended up using, but the construct of the parts through the process of 3D printing would have been interesting. 3D Printers can range from a couple hundred to thousands this is normally based on the quality of the printer ad what material it ca print with for example it can print wit aluminium it would be sold at a higher price.


There are normally three types of speed that a 3D printer can construct and create at, these consist of 40 – 50 mm/s the second speed is around 80 – 100 mm/s and the fastest is around 150 mm/s. The speed can normally be adjusted within the software that is used control the device.



I obtained this time sheet of how long certain objects take to create at ALL3DP.com

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.59.00

After looking at this timesheet it gives you an idea on how long certain objects take to print.