To pick up the letter on the ground I imported the image of the cipher then created a material and applied it to a basic box. Once applying it to the box I went into the blueprints and created a OnActorBeginOverlap and connected it to a box trigger after doing this I then created a print string this displays text on the screen and informs the player to press ‘e’ to pick up the letter. After applying the print screen I created an ‘Enable Input’ this tells the software that you will gain the control to pick up the latter while inside the box trigger. I then applied a OnActorEndOverlap this will end the function to be able to pick up the letter once then player leave the trigger box.

I inserted a gate and the applied the key ‘E’ to it this allows the player to tap the key ‘e’ on their keyboard and pick up the letter.


Once I created the gate I then used a ‘flipflop’ and set the ‘A’ and ‘B’ to ‘Set Actor In Game’ once completed I inserted a widget that allowed the software to read the image for the letter. I then finished the blueprint off by applying a ‘Remove from Parent’.