My zodiac game is now complete and I believe that it is at a good standard, the game features a good story based upon true events that I have become fascinated about. I also learnt how to collect different sounds and to edit them reducing the background sound. After creating my 3D models and downloading my assets I attempted to create the forest from scratch this did not work well due to the computers capability. Using the spline to create trees would have been effective but the down fall of doing this was   that it was taking up too much memory. I found an assets pack with good looking low poly trees this allowed me to import assets and to add to the landscape. Once I imported my trailer I started to create a rout for my character by placing multiple box triggers whenever the actor collided with these triggers the camera would change to another position I would place the cameras into a position to make Dave Toschi (Main character) as vocal as I could.

I found creating the intro scene was challenging due to me having to connect the camera separately as it wasn’t showing within the matinee after researching different routes I couldn’t find the answer so I played around with the blueprints and ended up duplicating the ‘set view to blend’ this allowed me to connect another camera.  After sorting out my cameras and matinees I moved onto creating a main menu that would be the access for the player to the game. Once I create the main menu I packaged and exported the game without any problems.

Overall Within this module I have gained a number of skills that I did not have before I now feel confident within unreal engine and enjoy creating both the visual design and mechanics.