When creating an intro cutscene i used event begin play to activate the matinee as soon as the player starts. To play the correct sequence i referenced the matinee within the level blueprint and connected it to play. after doing this i used a branch.



After inserting a ‘Branch’ I then created a ‘Disable input’ this will block the user from using the character while the cut-scene is in action. Once I had created set view target with blend I connected the camera that I wanted to use. The 3d models within the matinee where obstructive after the sequence had ended so I created a ‘destroy actor’ after the ‘delay’ this allows time for the sequence to finish before it gets rid of any unwanted models.


Its important to connect ‘get player controller’ to all imputes that require it.


At the end of the blue print i enabled the input so that the player can gain control again.