The Tascam comes with many features, which includes LCD screen,  gain controls, peak meters, playback buttons, record buttons, 4 xlr inputs (fully locking) and two microphones. The Tascam comes with a LCD screen allowing the user to easily change settings and see how high the levels are this is especially useful when increasing the gain.

The Tascam speakers are very crisp and clear the visual element that comes with the recorder makes it easier for the user to change the input setting to what they desire.



  • Very clear audio
  • Visual aspect of the LCD screen makes it easier for the user.
  • all xlr inputs have a full locking system.
  • High gain with clean pre amps.



  • Uses AA batteries, which can get used very quickly especially with a camera attached.
  • User can be limited with meta data the only option the recorder has is the choice of file name. .