In this project review I will be talking about what the pros and cons are of my finale sound that I have produced. I will also be discussing what different routs I took when dealing with my recordings and what led me to take these routes.

After coming up with the narrative I knew my game (being a survival horror) would depend highly on sounds. I conducted research into movies and games that where categorized under the theme “Horror” I then created a schedule and plan on what sounds I would be collecting and when I would be recording them.

Once I had planned out the sound I needed I went to different locations. One thing I found very hard to record was the sound of wind flowing through the trees. Even though I went to decoy park in newton abbot, which is built up of forest there was hardly any environmental noise other then wildlife nearby. The sounds I extracted where not good enough to be used within my game so I will be using the in built audio for the environment.

The vocal recording went very well after recording my voice and reducing the background noise by applying sound reduction it sounded crisp and clear. The only problem I had with the vocal recording was the background noise within the silent night song that my sister sang this was due to a creaky chair and breathing that I couldn’t filter out even with sound reduction applied, but after applying a lower pitch within multiple layers I managed to cover it up slightly while also creating a scary song within the process. The reason I used Adobe audition instead of logic is, because I found it better and easier to work with when editing dialogue especially with the wide range of effects to filter the background noise.

Creating the songs to go with an intro and the jump scare sound was done within the software logic pro this is because of its immense amount of instruments that you can create and work with. After using the “ghost” effect I applied “dark forest” as well to create the intro song for when the user first gets to control of the main character Dave Toschi.

I have gained new skills while working on this project like learning logic pro and audition. Not only have my skills grown within audio software but i have also obtained knowledge about recording sounds for example mics and pic up patterns.


  • Obtained good dialogue.
  • was able to edit dialogue so it could become smooth and crisp.
  • Creating tunes in logic became very effective and now I have songs to go with my game.
  • The silent night song worked well with the effect
  • The microphones I used worked well for there purpose.


  • Some audio files became polluted with background noise.
  • When I traveled to the location “Decoy park”  I couldn’t extract as many audio clips as I wanted to.


Overall I believe that the audio I recorded is of a high standard and that the process that I went through regarding scheduling time and locations made it easier for me to hit the deadline early.