The above picture is the Blue Yeti. I used it because of the quality of sound it produces especially with a muffle. Giving the user the choice to choose what pattern the input of the audio can be recorded it therefor can be used for multiple uses.

The blue yeti is a USB powered mic that comes with a mute button, volume control and a multi powered selection switch. It also come with three microphone capsules inserted into the top of the microphone which is better then its previous model the snow ball, which only had two capsules.


  • Good quality sound
  • Metal parts of mic are sturdy
  • You have many options to choose from when selecting which audio dirction you would like for it to record.
  • It has a headphone port.


  • Weight can be an issue as the blue yeti weighs around 3.5 pounds.
  • Some parts of the microphone are plastic and feel unstable.
  • Can be prone to picking up even the smallest sounds within the background when recording audio.