There are many mics that are used at home and within studios to record sound. I have researched, which mics are used extensively to record high quality sound.

The first mic that I researched is called the snow ball and costs around £70.00. The build quality is very good and feels sturdy the mic itself has a tripod stand with three legs it ism USB powered and is compatible with windows and mac. The mic has three different modes the first mode is Cardioid Mode, second is also cardioid mode, but with a 10dB and third is Omni direction, meaning that it can detect audio from all around.



  • Its one of the best quality mics you can get at this price.
  • Its clear.
  • Doesn’t take up much room unlike the blue yeti
  • It feels stable.
  • It has three different modes that the user can choose from.


  • The Blue Yeti is a better quality microphone.
  • Recording level is slightly low.


Overall its been given good reviews and when listening to people use it on YouTube it sounds clear.