The sound above is the song that will play when Dave Toschi finds the dead body within the barn in the game. The reason I created this is because I needed a sound to go along with the jump scare. The reason why sounds work so well with horror is that they identify whats about to happen/whats happening within a scene. If horror movies and games had no over emphasized sound to go with it, it could potentially take the brain longer to process whats happening visually.


This video shows a few jump scares, but as it can easily be noticed many of them have a sound that goes with them most of which is a high pitch screeching or a visual closeup with a huge drop in base to surprise the audience. I have taken this into consideration when creating my sounds especially the jump scare sound.



Before I started the game I went to the cinema to watch the movie insidious, it quickly came apparent on how scary the movie was not only because of the visual aspects, but mainly the sound effects. The scary drop at the end of the video above became something very iconic and many people remember this sound when mentioning the movie. When I came to create the sounds for my game I wanted to create the same effect the insidious movies sound had on me when I went to watch it. So to create the jump scare sound I extracted a sample of the insidious music. By tweaking and adding my own effects and sounds I managed to create something similar to the scary violin song you can hear above.


How did I create the sound? 



I used covert2mp3 to download the song this would allow me to import it into Logic pro and edit it.



After downloading the song me and Ekow took multiple samples and equipped them to keys on the keyboard this made it easier to create a song with multiple tracks. The image above shows where I selected the sound and the sample I used.



This is when I linked the insidious song to the keys on the keyboard. After I did this it made it easier to create a song that flowed well. Using other instruments in the same way it allowed me to create a mix of multiple instruments. I tweaked the pitch making the song deeper and it became more of a background effect to the instruments I added previously.


After connecting the tracks it allowed me to press one key, which would activate all the instruments allowing me to combine and record everything at once.