Theme songs have become iconic throughout productions within the industry both game and movies alike. Many characters over the years have earned themselves their very own theme song. I will be going through a list of some of the most iconic characters that have become popular not only for the character itself but become of the sound that came with them.


Darth vader is one of the most popular villains of all time not only did he come with a menacing voice and dark armour, but he also had his own theme song called the imperial march. The song was composed by John Williams for the film Star Wars: The empire strikes back. Whenever Darth vader made a big entrance the imperial march song would play this would signify that his presence.



The music for jaws has become the most iconic song from the film industry. The music would play when jaws had his eyes on a victim and when he was going to make an entrance to the scene. Its easy to notice the pace of the music becoming faster the longer its played this is to add sequence to the movie and to give the audience knowledge that the evil creature will be entering  the screen.

Han Zimmer has become one of the most popular creators of so called epic music, one of his best creations went alongside one of the biggest villains to enter the big screen The Joker. Han Zimmer created a tune that fitted the crazy and psychotic nature of the character named the joker. the song feels messy, but at the same time it flows well. The description of the song suits the personality of the main antagonist. There are sudden surprises from the beats of the bass within the song this is to give a sence of unease when listening to it.