The trailer above is of the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. The music used has an epic thriller feel to it not only does it help describe what the movie is going to deliver it also gives the audience a sense of the mood they will feel when watching the film. Using an orchestra in the music that is playing on top of the scenes shown, gives the characters that are featured within the trailer a sense of power and depending on the tone of voices within the music, can make it easy for the audience to determine if a character is good or bad.

The “voice over” mixed with character dialogue makes it easy for the scenes of the trailer to flow without any pauses. Not only is a use of dialogue there to tell a short story but it’s also used to create an effect. When listening to the voice over within the trailer it is easy to tell that the tone is very low and that the person’s voice is there to match the mood the trailer is producing.




This is the same movie but created using a couple different scenes and some light hearted music.  Not only does the use of dialogue and music make the trailer look like a whole different movie entirely but it also creates a whole different mood then the first trailer. The first trailer gave a sense of fear whereas this trailer looks more like a teen comedy and gives of a comedy/romance vibe.


Overall this demonstration of sound used within media productions really does show the importance of music and dialogue. Not only does sound help the audience determine if a character is good or bad but it also helps bring scenes together by becoming whatever the characters and viewers are feeling.