Date: 4/09/16

Zodiac Killer



After researching the two ideas I have come to the conclusion that the “Zodiac Killer” game will be a better choice. I have asked for feedback on my ideas and many people preferred the Zodiac Killer this was because it was an interesting story and also it is based on a true events. I believe that the setting will suit the overall feeling and mood being portrayed. Horror is the genre of the game this will reflect visually and through audio to really immerse the player.

The player will play as Dave Toschi who was the lead detective on the Zodiac killer case at the time. The player will use the mouse to point and click to the destination eh/she would like the character to go this will be easily done as the game will be hot within third person. Within unreal engine I will set up cameras so when the player moves the character into its view the camera will change accordingly meaning that the player will see from different angels. I am inspired to use this technique as it was done very well in the game “Grim Fandango”.

The game will consist of the player looking through the main suspect at the time Arthur leigh Arthurs trailer. While the Zodiac killer was still active Dave Yoschi got a warrant and went to search Arthurs trailer after finding multiple clues and suspicious objects the court still stated that there was not enough evidence to arrest him. In my game Dave Toschi returns to the trailer to try and find more evidence to end this investigation forever. While investigating the trailer the player will come across weapons used in the murders, Zodiac ciphers and also will come across other clues that might allow Dave Toschi to arrest the prime suspect Arthur Leigh Allen.