This theory is basic, but can still be used in ways that can prove interesting. Some of the most well known games have used this theory for example mario, sonic and Zelda. It seems how time moves on the theory still applies but the games are using narratives that make the characters difficult to categories making the gamer question the main charters relationships with other characters.

A great example of how this theory can be manipulated and changed is a game named Bioshock: Infinite. This game is a first person shooter video game developed by irrational games and is classed as one of the greats hitting ratings of 10/10 steam, 9.5/10 and 9/10 GameSpot.



The player plays as the former agent Booker DeWitt who is sent to a flying city named Columbia.


“Father” also known as Zachary Hake Comstock  is the main antagonist leader and founder of the flying city columbia. Booker Dewitt is the “Father” as he is him in the future and from another dimension but have crossed paths due to Elizabeth.


Elizabeth a young women who has been imprisoned since childhood but has a unique ability what gives her the power to open up tears through to parallel universes an locations.

The false hero

Booker DeWitt is also the false hero as he is the villain.

The Princesses Father

“Father” who is also Booker DeWitt from another dimension.



This game has used the theory but with a twist categorising just two of the characters and placing them in multiple groups.