Date: 3/09/16

Grim Fandango 

Today we played the game Grim Fandango his game was created in 1998 for Microsoft windows. Grim Fandango is a point and click game the look and style is simple but is very effective. The game relies very heavily on dialogue and sound to bring the game to life for example when the main character Grim picks up a letter and reads it there is internally diegetic sounds this includes the voices of the people who wrote the letter.

You as the player must help people get to the afterlife if people have sinned then they have to walk if they have been good then they get transport Grim Fandango is part of the organisation that does this.  If he does not come up with better clients he will be fired. The functionality of this game is something similar to what I will be creating I especially like the camera angels of the game this is something I will incorporate into mine.


Monkey Island

After playing the game Grim Fandango we then started to play Monkey island this game is a 2D point and click game. the game involves a young boy who must set on a test to become a pirate. He is told to do specific jobs from the three old pirate captains and if he completes these jobs he can become a pirate like one of them. I like the style of monkey island it feels like you are part of a childs book.


Both these games have the same basic techniques but are visually and internally different Grim Fandango is 3d and uses dissent camera views where as Monkey island is 2D and uses the same classic camera view which is from the side. Both story are very interesting and i like the way in Grim Fandango where if he is thinking something he will say it outlaid so the path is clearer for the player.