Todays lesson we are learning about sound within film and games


When we are talking about sounds we talk about Diegetic and non – diegetic. Diegetic is natural sounds like contact between objects or anything that is a natural sounds. Non Diegetic means a sound that has been created for example this can be used when there is no natural sound that can provide it.



Scripted speech (Dialogue)

Scripted speech allows the production to push the story ahead and allows a path for character relationships.  (Character speech)

  • Accent
  • Delivery
  • Vocabulary


Non – diegetic Sound

Sound which is not from any source within the diegesis (world of the film) but is added as as a extra element within post production.

  • music
  • voiceovers

Internal Diegetic

  • Sounds that we the audience can hear as well as the character.



Music and sensation

  • Interpret (emotionally) a feeling or sensation


Music and character 

  • Create or enhance audiences understanding of and / or empathy with key characters


Music and place 

Echoes the nature of the place in which the film is set.

  • scale
  • Culture
  • Mystery
  • Wonder


Music and Theme

Lyrics can be used to connect with the narrative

Describing Music

  • Popular os classical music
  • Instrumentation
  • Rhythm
  • tempo
  • volume

Music in the scene 

  • Pararel

Sound bridge

  • Used to link two sequences together and is to give some sense of a place or time
  • Can be diegetic or non diegetic


Characters signature tune.



non – diegetic sound

  • introduces threatening elements in the film
  • first shots underwater
  • shark not seen but its presence is implied by the soundtrack
  • the score uses a series of low, repeated notes in order to illustrate the relentless threatening nature of the shark.

The movie phsyco created a famous scene that included one note being replayed but created a frightening felling for veers later on movies have used the same technique sometimes not a repeated note but somewhat iconic for example jaws and Darth Vader in star wars.

Fore main areas of meaning that can be generated through sound (diegetic and non – diegetic)

  • Character
  • Genre
  • Setting
  • Narrative

Sound and character

  • Evil or Good
  • victim or hero
  • A character will normally have a music connected to them this is called a character theme.
  • Can establish status
  • Aural motifs(not music but repeated sound)
  • A character s nervous state of mind could be conveyed through non – diegetic sound.

Sound and genre 

Sound can let the audience know the genre  (type of film they are watching)

Sound perspective

The quality of the sound changes depending on the audiences positioning in events

  • Diegetic or no diegetic can be made to fade into the background or fore grounded depending on the need / impact.