Date: 26/09/16

Apple iPhone 7 and iOS 10 release.

Today we watched the video on  the iPhone 7 release and the update for iOS devise to iOS 10.



  • 500,000 games on the App Store
  • Apple are releasing Nintendo games on iOS devices
  • Music will be live streamed through Apple Music



  • giving a Mac and iPad to 4500 teachers
  • Planting swift playgrounds for children to learn

This education method apple are using not only expands their audience by reaching out to the younger generation, but also they have created an image in the public eye.Connecting with the education industry creates an image of generosity and also a company that like to help people who are in need.

This is a very intelligent move from apple not only are they doing something that will help schools and the company itself but the feature that come with the products allow for the children to code using swift (which is the latest coding language for iOS devices) but also allows them to start creating fully operational interactive elements with the playground that the devices have installed on them.


Apple Watch 2

  • Pokémon Go coming to Apple Watch
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • Creation of algorithm to get a accurate calorie burn calculation
  • Dual core prossecer which is 50% faster then the first Apple Watch
  • 2nd gen display
  • Maps use colour coordination to show different speeds
  • Hiking app
  • Paired up with Nike
  • Home kit app (control your home from your phone)



IOS 10 update

  • Sending messages that the user has drawn.
  • User can send stickers
  • Broken kingdom will be coming to iOS 10


iPhone 7

  • Can capture raw images
  • Wide colour capture and auto image stabilisation
  • 12 mp camera
  • Optical image zoom
  • 25% brighter