Date: 26/09/16

Dream description.

Dreams are something people have very regularly, dreams are constructed of emotions, images, sensations and also memories. Dreams occur in certain stages of are sleep  and sometimes can be hard to remember when awake.

Many people believe that dreams have some sort of meaning that relates to your life for example if you have a dream of your teeth falling out this means that you are self conscious.


Activation synthesis theory

This theory saw dreams and unconscious wishes to be interpreted. It also states tat dreams projected sensory information. Hobson’s 1976 research suggested that signals interpreted as dreams originate in the brainstem during rem sleep. Hobson also suggested that within the dream the person could create environments and objects by using imagery, emotion and sensation he even suggested that you could change the humidity. Mark Solums was against this theory stating that dreams are generated in the forebrain and that REM sleep are not fundamentally connected.

Continual-activation theory

Jie Zhang stated that he believes that dreaming is when activation and synthesiser are running at the same time where REM sleep are controlled by different brain mechanism. During REM sleep he believed that the unconscious part of are brain i busy processing are memories while the level of activation in the consciouse part of are brain depends to a low level while inputing from the sensors system.