Date: 19/9/16

Module – point and click interactive narrative.


Task 1: Narrative development


  • The Plot of the narrative
  • Characterisation for the main protagonists, antagonists and other character
  • Description of the environment
  • Key objectives

Evidence will be shown on word press blog.

Week 1 – 3

Preparing for creation of game.

  • Research into narrative theory’s
  • Research into other point and click games.
  • 3 most liked ideas
  • Selecting the best idea based on practicality and feedback.
  • Sketching and designing paper based environments and objects to get an idea of the look and feel of the game.


Week 4 – 15

  • Creating basic designs in Photoshop.
  • Looking at designs then creating 3D versions within cinema 4d.


This module seems very interesting, I particularly like that we will be able to create a fully working demo of a point and click game. Not only am I interested in learning all the skills for the functionally of a working professional game, but also the narrative behind it and what is needed to create a story that the user will be interested in.