Test 1. Failed: working properly, but buttons out of place.

Solution: adding constraints allows for items to be displayed the same on all devices.

Test 2. Succeeded: all images are showing properly on all view controllers.

Test 3. Failed: After adding new button it has seemed that the view controllers have disconnected.

Solution: Create link to view controllers right click, drag, show modally.

Test 4. Failed: Fail due to back button not being entered in correctly within code.

Solution: Adding: [self dismiss view controller animated:YES completion:nil]

Test 5. Succeeded: Back button working correctly.

Test 6. Succeeded: Map has linked to google maps fine and is visually showing traffic.

Test 7. Failed: Splash screen is not showing.

Solution: Delete images and reinsert, then apply ‘Add missing constraints’.

Test 8. Succeeded: Splash screen displaying fine.

Finale Test. Succeeded: Everything is working and displaying as expected.