1. Are first meeting with torbay airshow was within the class, this is when Dave came in to the university and talked to us about his idea and stated that he wanted an app for his Airshow. He then talked about the content and what the airshow was going to be for example showing aircrafts, supplying stools and also advertising. After informing us of are task the group seperatly made designs and ideas to present to the Torbay airshow when they come back in.
  2. The second meeting involved torbay council coming in as well as Dave this was so everyone could get an idea and choose the design that they wanted. After showing them all are ideas they went for my overall design due to the simplicity and easy navigation system that could be constructed.
  3. After the second meeting I had created a basic version of the app this was constructed of buttons and view controllers. Once they came back for are third meeting they used the app and tested the functionality after using the app they said that they would  like to change some designs of the buttons.
  4. Once I had changed the design me and Gareth received content and created a table view for the aircrafts being shown, a game for the user to interact with, a map, traffic feed, hospitality and a information button. We then went to the torbay council office and showed are finished design. after the approved we sent the app off to the app store.