alienCreating this model has extended my knowledge within modeling and I have now learned how to use subsurface scattering within cinema 4d. Not only has this allowed me to create realistic models, but it also has  helped me discover different methods to create such things for example the sculpting feature within cinema 4D.

To create this model I started with a sphere and sculpted the facial features in, after completing the basic shape I used different materials to create the eyes which I made red to give a more sinister look. Once the basic shape and eyes was created I the proceeded to add detail this involves the damage done to the aliens right eye. When the front was completed I proceeded to the back and inserted tubes to give a laboratory feel.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.35.03

The Torbay airshow app is one of the most successful projects I have created this year due to the importance and over all design. Being able to work with real clients has helped me with a better understanding within the media industry. The project has also helped me to progress with skill for the future, which include communication and working towards a real life deadline for a product.

To create the buttons I used Photoshop as this would allow me to do the design at a professional level. To create the banners I used a couple rectangles and tweaked the opacity to create a shadow within the banner this was to give the image more depth. After creating the banners I proceeded to smooth off the edges and add shadow to the images given to me by the client.

cristal grassThis is a 3D model I have been working on for some time now. this image was meant for my ‘keep it 2d’ game but after making my Torbay airshow app my main focus I abandoned the idea, but I still have this model representing the last level of the game. I learnt how to use the plugin thrausi, which allows the user to break an object into pieces this can be applied to any object within cinema 4D.

I also created a smooth landscape which acted as the hill then stimulated grass and applied it to the ground. After doing this I tweaked the settings for the colour this made the grass look realistic.


Overall these projects helped me learn more about the software’s I have been using and also how to apply different techniques to get the best outcome from my work.