• Finish foundation at South Devon uni.
  • Do finale year in Plymouth.
  • Create portfolio.
  • Find job suitable to my skills.


  • Work hard and hand things in before the deadline.
  • Creating work that will get me grades that will give me the pathway to get me into Plymouth.
  • My blog has already got a high amount of content meaning that I can use this for my portfolio.
  • Look for jobs to do with app design or 3D modeling.

Evidence of achievement

  • I’m already part way through my course.
  • I’ve started my blog/portfolio.
  • I’ve already sent a cover letter to the company King.

Target date

  • Finish foundation course (June 2017)
  • Finale year Plymouth (June 2018)
  • Completing portfolio (June 2018)
  • Find job (June 2018)