For the digital artifacts unit it is required to work alone. One of my ideas was to create and alien, a being from another planet, which is being created and processed through a lab. I conducted research of alien images and game art, which featured them this allowed me to gain a general understanding for the visual element.

To create the character I used the software cinema 4D this is due to the power and results you can get from the software it also is the 3D software I am most comfortable with. The character helped me learned how to texture skin at a higher level of professionalism I found this while looking at tutorials online. The technique was to apply subsurface scattering on the material therefore allowing the light to have certain depth to the object. I have used the sculpting method to create the facial features to the character turning a simple sphere to a realistic alien.

After applying subsurface scattering it provided the character with a realistic feel and also produced a higher amount of depth. Working alone allowed me to produce my own ideas and not have to worry about other people’s ideas needing to be generated as well. Depending on the project working alone can be very beneficial as I have felt I have learnt a lot during the time creating this alien creature the I would if I was within a group.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.35.03

Creating the Torbay airshow app required a group and within this group we had different roles. My role was to create the graphics and to code where as the rest of the group’s role was to research and to come up with different methods of coding this would consist of how to connect social media within the app and also how to connect a traffic feed all vital parts within this unit.

Making the graphics look smoother and also creating a game to go with the app will give the user an extra level of entertainment I have done this by making a similar game to top trumps it is made for two people therefore promoting for more people to download the application.

I used Photoshop to create the graphics and Xcode to write the code. Photoshop allowed me to create the background and sharpen the graphics given to us by the airshow creating banners and making he buttons stand out by adding shadows.

Working in a group was very beneficial as it helped speed up the completion of the app especially with the deadline coming so close. I learned a huge amount about how to code, advertisement, premium apps, etc

Not only am I doing this project for the university course, but also we have a client who needs the app before the deadline. Being able to talk to the client and setting meetings have boosted my social skill and also helped me with experience for the future.

I have used the work to create a short portfolio which I have sent of to companies allowing me to advertise the work I have done and the work I can do.