270008Rayman’s basic design is similar to the character that I have been given to work with. Rayman’s eyes and mouth are two of the key features I would like on my character. His eyes are very easy to see and could work in a 3d environment if need be due to them being in a position, which allows this. Ryman has a very unique mouth, which is very separate from his head, when creating my character the mouth will be closer to his head and be capable of undergoing a 360 degree view from the player for example the viewer will be able to see the mouth if rotating the character instead of it disappearing when getting to a certain view as would a flat 2d image.

Rayman has been created using very bright colours and this technique gets the attention of the player. In a green forest it is going to be very hard to loose a yellow man wearing a purple and red jumper. When creating my character I will be using a lighter yellow for skin colour and depending on the background story of my character will determine his clothes.