Honey & Mumford

By Jordan Gardner


Many people have their own way of learning, but there are four types of learners Reflectors, Theorists, Activists and pragmatists. Reflectors are people who observe and don’t get hugely involved they collect data till they can come up with an appropriate conclusion. Theorists is a person who looks to see reasons behind a subject before engaging with it, they like to see facts, blueprints and overall information. Activists are people who like to jump feet first into a situation/challenge and have an open-minded approach to learning. Pragmatists are people who need to see how to put the practice to use and need to see its working fully and if so how has it come to a finale conclusion.

When doing the Honey and Mumford questionnaire I believed through the whole time that I would be an activist but in the end results that I tallied up it came apparent that I was a reflector. A reflector is one who sits on the side lines and assess the situation taking data and working towards a conclusion.

I believe I am more of an activist due to the overall description, which I believe fits me perfectly I like to get stuck in to a challenge and be one to command a group not sit on the sidelines maybe part of the outcome of the Honey & Mumford is true as I do sometime collect the data and come to a conclusion on a subtle manor but this all depends on the nature of the challenge. In the questionnaire I do state that I like to have a step to step approach, but when I am jumping into a software and playing around with it this could be part of my step to step technique, which could be classed as part reflector and part activist.